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After the race last week, I knew I was going to take a mini break from running.  It took me a few days to get back into the whole exercise thing, and I went to the gym a whopping total of one time.  Because after that one time, I got sick with a cold.

But, this week has been better, so I have started doing the Zuzka Power Cardio DVDs.  Have you heard of Zuzka?  She used to host Bodyrock workouts, but left that site a few years ago and now has her own venture, Zuzka Light.  Anyway, I’d occasionally do her Bodyrock workouts, which were intense.  And I’ve tried a Zuzka Light workout or two, and they are also intense.  So I decided to try the Power Cardio DVDs, which were released earlier this year, knowing I’d get a pretty good workout in.  And $15 for 3 DVDs and 12 workouts isn’t bad!

So Monday I did the first workout.  I cut it a little short because I was pressed for time, but I was still SWEATING.  I woke up on Tuesday with some sore hamstrings, but that was about it.

Tuesday I did the second workout.  I pushed through the whole thing even though I wanted to quit.  I pretty much doubled the time she took to complete the workout, but that’s OK.  (PS, one of the things I like about her workouts is that even she gets tired!  So I know they’ve got to be effective).  I woke up this morning a bit sore all over, but nothing too bad.

This morning was a workout with our trainer.  It started out pretty standard with some squats and some lunges.  But then he had us doing some kind of snatch/squat press and some push-ups with rows and yet more squats and bicep curls with squats and ahhhh am I sore now!  And I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Tomorrow is a rest day which I am looking forward to because after three intense days… I need it!