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Tonight, after work, I’m going to start heading to DC, with a stopover in Pittsburgh to pick up my sister and crash at her place for the night.

So lets talk goals for Sunday!

My A goal… well, lets break it into two parts.  They’re very close together so I consider them kind of the same goal.

A1 Goal: Sub 2:15

A2 Goal: PR – currently at 2:16:50

My current PR was set in my very first half marathon in 2006.  It is old.  It is sad that in 7 years I haven’t been able to bring it down (I haven’t really chased it either though).  I think I maybe have it in me.  I’m going to act like I do anyway.  My goal is to go out somewhere around 10:15-10:20 pace and hopefully hold on to it the whole race.  Maybe pick it up the last 5K.  (Ha!  Good luck with that…)  Unless they have pacers.  Then I might just try to use a pacer for the first time ever.

I’m very worried the weather is going to get to me though.  Current conditions call for near 70 on race day.  Though it’ll be cooler in the morning, I have done NO significant training in anything warmer than about mid-50s.  Unless you count the gym, which I don’t really.

I’m also kind of worried by stories of super crowded starts in the San Francisco races.

B Goal: 2:20.

My Martian Half Marathon time was 2:22:XX.  I bonked hard during that race, and it wasn’t even a goal race.  I should be able to go below 2:20 in a goal race (please race gods let at least this be true).

C Goal: Get my Tiffany’s Necklace and have fun.

If I miss either of the A or B goals… I’ll probably be disappointed.  But at least I’ll have finished.  I’ve got some ideas of where my training could have been better, and some thoughts on how to train for my next race, once I decide what it is.  If I don’t PR… well, I know there are more half marathons out there, and I’m fairly confident I’ll get that PR this year, even if it takes me all year.

So there they are, out there for all the world to see.