Last night, Ron and I went to a “Runners for Boston” event organized by local running store chain, Running Fit. The run was not just a solidarity run for the events of Boston, but also a “Congratulations” and celebration of area runners who ran in Boston. The plan was to run 4.15 miles.

Unfortunately, we were late. So we missed the start. Running Fit was selling “Runners for Boston” shirts, the proceeds of which would be going to the One Fund Boston, but they were sold out before we got there.

So, we were late. Which means we didn’t start with the pack and then somehow missed where the run actually started, so we just joined in and ran along. At first, I was so wound up about work stuff and being late and other things. I had to remind myself to chill out, that this run wasn’t about me. Instead, I just tried to enjoy the act of running. There were so many Boston jackets! I saw everything from 1996 to 2013. I wore my Chicago Marathon jacket which quickly became too warm. This weird spring weather is so hard to dress for! It is in the 70s one day (Tuesday) and back into the 30s the next day (Wednesday). There were probably 700 people there (overheard estimate from Running Fit!)

The actual running itself was frustrating, my calves kept cramping. Not what I want to happen just days before a goal race! But eventually I found a good rhythm and was able to enjoy just being outside running.

At the end, we saw a group photo being taken of the area runners who were in Boston this year. It was quite a large group! I’m slow right now… but someday I hope to qualify for Boston, and seeing so many people who had been there before was inspiring. I know it will take me years of working towards that goal though.


Oh! And we were able to place an order for the shirts at the end.