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It’s no secret that a lot of runners don’t like to taper. Truthfully, I never really got that. For me, the race is the goal and I don’t mind running shorter mileage leading up to a race (when I actually taper that is).

But man is my head messed up this week. I’m not really sure if I’ve trained enough to reach my goal this weekend. But I’ve spent the first part of this week telling myself all the reasons that I will fail. I didn’t do enough tempo runs. My 7 mile long run this weekend sucked so much. My 2 mile race pace effort last night was too hard (never mind the wind and rain). The course will be too crowded. It will be to warm. I’ve blown up in all of my long run efforts over 8 miles. Etc.

Ugh. I need to stop! All of those might be reasons I won’t reach my goal, but that doesn’t mean I have to dwell on them. Instead, I should be thinking about the training I did do, the track sessions and the long runs and the regular runs. I should be thinking bout how my goal pace isn’t that much faster than what I’ve run my long runs at. “The hay is in the barn” and all that is left is to see what I have to give on race day. So I’m going to try to ban the taper crazies and visualize a good race. Only a few days before race day!