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I hadn’t meant to wait a week since my last post but… I guess it happened anyway.

This past week has been both busy and not so busy at the same time.

On Thursday, my dog Faith had knee surgery for a second time.  The good news is that she has no more knees to blow out.  The other good news is that so far her recovery has been smother than last time (knock on wood), but there is still a long 11 weeks between now and her being completely better.  Or as better as she is ever going to get.

Faith after surgery #2

Faith after surgery #2

Even the cat comes to say Hi when Faith comes home.

Even the cat comes to say Hi when Faith comes home.

And Layla pouts when we won't let her lay down with Faith (to protect the healing leg)

And Layla pouts when we won’t let her lay down with Faith (to protect the healing leg)

On Friday, we had a training session.  I had a lot of thoughts about this.  It wasn’t one of my better sessions and made me think a lot about giving up vs. what I’m actually capable of.  The trainer had us doing bear crawls and tried to make a game of it by telling Ron and I to race each other.  Except I very quickly started struggling and when he told me Ron was going to beat him I responded that I didn’t care.  In the end, I did half of the bear crawls that Ron did, and I’m fairly certain that was the limit of what I COULD do on that day.  The rest of it went OK though.  He also said that from now on he was going to do full body workouts instead of specific muscle workouts since we see him only once a week.  I’m glad – I wish he’d done that sooner.

Saturday was another 10 mile long run and I broke down in the EXACT SAME SPOT as last week – Miles 8 & 9.  The only excuse I have is that I was running straight into the wind.  But that’s a pretty weak excuse and it left me frustrated.

Might have been 2 minutes faster, but still not my best long run.

This says it all (source: Runner's World

This says it all (source: Runner’s World)

Tuesday was another track workout – the main set was 3×800 (4:37, 4:31, 4:30), 2×600 (3:22, 3:20) and a 200 (2:00).  With a long-ish warm-up and a cool down I ran 5 miles in a little over 49 minutes (only counting running time and not recovery time between the track sets).

This morning we once again saw the trainer.  And once again, it wasn’t my best performance.  We’ve started going in the morning – because the trainer stopped offering appointments in the afternoon.  But mornings really aren’t my thing, and I had next to no energy.  I was even struggling with an easy treadmill warm-up.  My legs just did not want to move.

So that has caught me up in the past week.  A couple of good workouts interspersed with a lot of downtime taking care of Faith.  But there are some more interesting things happening this weekend…