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I’m borrowing the title from Sarah, whose blog I stalk read.  It just so happened that my first real official track workout was on a Tuesday!

But let me back up for a minute.  I haven’t blogged since the Shamrock 10K, and part of that is just kind of figuring this blog thing out.  But anther part is because during that run and previous runs, I’d started to feel a few moments of a sort of burning sensation on my left heel.  It was NOT intense and didn’t last long, more annoying than anything, so I mostly chalked it up to nothing.  But after consulting Dr. Google, I thought it might be a little more than nothing so wanted to take it easy for a week and see what happened.  I intended to cross train but one thing led to another and… I just didn’t most of last week.  Ooops.

Now back to Tuesday!  I’ve been on the distribution list for a local running club pretty much since I moved to Michigan (so about 5 years).  They host weekly track workouts when its not winter as well as run a few local races with most of the emphasis on one in particular.  So when I got the notice that track workouts were starting this week, I decided to put on my big girl pants and go.

I don’t know if I mentioned this the few times I ran during lunch, but changing into running clothes at work is AWKWARD!  I don’t know everyone in my office – far from it – and the dress code is business casual.  Wicking fabric and running shoes definitely do not fit in.

So after deciding to conquer my shy girl tendencies and actually GO and THEN changing at work, as I’m driving to the track it starts to rain!  And then if that weren’t bad enough, the rain turned to snow!  I was having some second thoughts about this whole thing, but I was already dressed and on my way.  Luckily, I wasn’t the only crazy one out in the still-not-spring weather and it stopped raining AND snowing before the workout began.

The workout itself was 8-16×400.  There is nothing impressive about my repeats, unless you’re me and then they seem speedy-for-me.  I only did 8 because, well, this was my first real track workout.  I’d feel pretty good the first half of the repeat, then it’d get kind of iffy, and then I’d finish strong.  And despite my doubts, I did actually recover enough during the recovery parts to try again.

Here are the splits – the repeats start with #1 and go every other one ending at #15.  The ones in between are rest intervals and #17 was a cool down.

Splits from my first official track workout!

Splits from my first official track workout!

I’m sore today!

One of the fears I’d had that stopped me from trying track workouts in the past was not knowing if I would be able to finish a workout.  Yesterday I proved that I could!  And I was glad to have other people there because I was never really sure how the recovery parts worked.  So I just followed the others which worked out well!

I enjoyed doing this track workout more than I thought I would and I’m pretty sure I’ll be back next week for more fun/torture.  Hey, if it helps me get faster…