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My sister Katie is in town this weekend!  We’re running a 5K tomorrow, but I still wanted to get a long in on Saturday.  8 Miles was on the schedule.  I was a tad nervous about it because after Wednesday’s tempo, my foot started hurting.  I took it a little easy on Thursday and spent some time on the elliptical before and after our training session.

So anyway, we all slept in a little this morning and then headed to a local park(s) to get in our respective runs.  I told Katie she couldn’t get lost, all she had to do was keep following the trail.  Turns out that wasn’t quite true, there is a section where the trail goes in two directions.  On direction continues the other ends pretty quickly.  Luckily she figured it out.

And it turns out that my long run was pretty good!  Once again I was aiming for 10:48/mile.  The first half went by pretty quickly, but the return trip was a tad more troublesome.  We were running straight into the wind!  At one point, Ron pulled ahead of me to let me draft off of him.  Usually I hate running single file because it makes me dizzy watching someone run right in front of me, but this helped cut down on the wind and I was grateful he offered.  I felt like the whole second half involved me slowing down because of the wind/because I was tired/because of ice… and then speeding up to try to make up the time.  Not quite the even paces I’d like, but getting better about it.

And then there was this.

Yeah, I'm going to walk through this part...

Yeah, I’m going to walk through this part…

Ice!  Luckily only a few patches.

Here are the splits from the run.  The 11+ minute miles are the ones I had to walk over the ice above.  And I was a quarter mile into the run before I realized I hadn’t started my watch, so the total reads a quarter mile short.

Splits... plus 0.25 and approximately 2:40

Splits… plus 0.25 and approximately 2:40

Overall, really happy with this run!

After, we decided to head to Slow’s BBQ.  Detroit isn’t really known for its BBQ, but Slow’s has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives as well as Man vs. Food and probably in a few other places.  It is really good… but also really busy.  I knew there would be a wait!

Luckily, Astro Coffee was just a few doors down and we spent some of our hour plus wait sipping coffee (me), hot chocolate (Ron), and tea (Katie).

Saturday in Detroit

Saturday in Detroit

Finally, it was time to eat!  It turned into an early dinner, which was actually perfect since none of us had eaten lunch.  Delicious food for all!

Slow's scenery

Slow’s scenery

We rounded out our day by doing some shopping and watching a movie.

In the morning we race!