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Sometimes, running can be confusing.  Some days, you are sure that the run will suck because you are feeling blah, or your legs are tired, or it is really cold (hot) outside, and then, it doesn’t.

Other days you are geared up for a great run because you are rested and your last run was great and it isn’t dark and it isn’t freezing.  But it sucks anyway.

That is what happened on my run last night.  I wanted 4 miles, and I was sure they’d “good” miles.  I’d hit the paces I wanted, maybe I’d even throw in a few tempo miles.

Instead I felt sluggish the whole time and my calves were tight/cramping.  Actually, let me amend that.  I FELT like I was running at a pretty good clip but my times didn’t reflect that.  There was some walking, to appease my angry legs, but mostly it was just a get-it-done kind of run.  A “slogfest” as I like to think of it.

Afterwords, I did 2 rounds of Z WOW #57 – a workout I found on You Tube.  Although I only did two rounds (and not the suggested 4), I’m sore today!  I need to do more weight-type exercises.  This one was all body weight – perfect to do in my living room!

In other random news, it is still not spring here, but I feel like it will be soon.  The SUN is starting to come out!  Here in Southeast MI, I feel like we don’t see the sun for months at a time, it is always hiding behind cloud cover.  But the last couple of days have been sunny.  And although the snow hasn’t all melted and the temps aren’t that warm, they are warming up some.  Nearly 40 degrees on my drive home yesterday with more 40 degree temps forecast for the weekend.  Watch out – it’s a heat wave!