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Annoyingly, it is still winter.  Once the calendar hits March, I have a hard time with the cold and snow, but it looks like spring isn’t quite ready to show up yet.  Sigh.  Anyway, I disappeared for a little bit there.  There wasn’t a whole lot exciting to share.  I did a few workouts at the gym, including getting over my fear of the stair master!  Turns out, it wasn’t that bad.  This past week I didn’t step foot in the gym until Friday.  At first, I was being conservative with a sore hip, then I was just being lazy.  But Friday I had a training appointment, so to the gym I went.  We focused on legs and man were they sore afterwards!

Saturday, I wanted to run 7 miles.  My legs were very sore from Friday’s training, but I wanted to get the run over with.  Also, it seems that I am most sore two days after a training session.  I didn’t want to risk how I’d feel on Sunday, so I laced up my shoes.

When I first registered for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon, I had an idea that maybe I could PR.  But after not running most of January and dealing with calf pain, I had my doubts.  I decided to try to run today at goal pace + 30 seconds, which would be about a 10:48 pace.  Not fast for most people, but pretty speedy for me.

So first, some of the good news: My calves were fine!  No pain that forced me to stop and walk.  I hit my goal pace for 3 miles straight – even on tired legs.  And although I say the pace was “pretty speedy”… it wasn’t all that bad.  Maybe I need to redefine “pretty speedy” for me.

The bad news: the sidewalks weren’t all clear, (I’d say about 80% were) so I kept having to stop and walk over icy spots.  In some places it was a short walk, in other places it was a longer walk.  That slowed me down in some of the miles.

The last mile was just ugly.  I was tired and I was hurting and I suddenly didn’t care about goal pace, I just wanted to be finished.  That lasted for probably half a mile, then I picked the pace up again, but overall, that was one of the slower miles.

Splits from my 7 Miler

Splits from my 7 Miler

Overall, I feel really good about this run.  My final average per-mile pace was 10:58, which is 10 seconds slower than my goal, but I’m fairly confident that without the ice and maybe with fresher legs, I could have hit the paces.  There’s always next week to try again.  Throw in some tempo runs between now and race day and maybe the PR is within sight…

7 Miles Done!

7 Miles Done!