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Registration opens tomorrow for the Chicago Marathon.  I have been going back and forth over whether I was going to sign up for it or not.  On the one hand, I didn’t want to commit to something 8 months in advance.  It really hung over my head last year and I felt like I had to plan everything around that one race.  On the other hand, I LOVED running the Chicago Marathon.  Also this year, an opportunity presented itself to run for a charity (the Ronald McDonald House).  I was thisclose to signing up to.  I even had the form filled out and almost sent it in.

 So what happened?  Well, I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning.  It is no big deal, just a yearly physical required by my insurance.  But since last year, I’ve lost less than 10 pounds.  Any loss is a step in the right direction, but I’m frustrated.  Clearly, all of the running that I did last year did NOT, in fact, help me lose all of the weight I need to lose.  So it is time for a new plan – one that involves more weights and fewer long runs.  So there will be no Chicago Marathon for me this year.


Another Marathon Photo!

But I also know myself.  I’d rather be running outside than intimidated next to the free weights in the gym.  So I’m not completely taking the idea of a fall marathon off the table.  It is just kind of on the edge, buried under some other goals that are maybe more important.  There are plenty of fall races that don’t sell out in a day, so I have time to find one if I choose.  But I think it will be good to shift my focus away from “marathon”.

 And let’s be honest.  Being heavier and avoiding speed training more often than I embrace it means it takes me THAT much longer to complete long runs than it would someone who is faster.  (Give me the captain obvious award).  I don’t really want to spend half of my day completing long runs over the summer!

 How do you prioritize your goals?