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Over the summer, while training for the Chicago Marathon, I started listening to audio books on my long training runs. I would be running for hours and immersing myself in a story was a good way to keep my mind from obsessing about how much farther and longer I had to go. I preferred listening to books I had already read. That gave me enough of a story to distract but wouldn’t leave me wondering what I’d missed when my mind invariably wandered. I’m very focused when I read a book, not as much when I listen to one.

On Saturday, I lacked a book to listen to or a long run that would make listening to a long narration worthwhile. So I downloaded a handful of podcasts. I have never really listened to podcasts, so I just quickly picked one or two that might be interesting. It seemed like a good idea to pair Jillian Michaels with a workout, which is how I ended up listening to one of her podcasts on my 3 mile run last night.


The run itself was just eh. I felt like I was going at a good clip but my pace revealed otherwise. Plus my calves were achy once again. I liked my jacket though, which I picked up at Old Navy over the weekend. It is a brighter color in person making it better for night running (or so I justified to myself.)

After the run, I did one of the workouts from Jillian Michaels’ “30 Day Shred”. I haven’t done those workouts in forever, but I didn’t feel like searching the Internet for a body weight workout. It was actually a pretty good workout. I will admit to a little bit of resting/procrastinating possibly with the excuse of “I just ran”. But I mostly tried to push through.

And then, because last night was apparently Jillian night, I watched an episode of The Biggest Loser. While eating some (homemade) pizza for dinner. I kind of both love and hate that show. I hate the obvious product placements most of all. And I found myself wondering if the contestants can push through their shin pain etc, maybe I should just suck it up and push through my calf pain. How stupid! These people are competing in a contest. I am not. I do not need to to compare myself. Moreover, trying to do what someone on TV does is a good way to get myself injured. I need to listen to my own body and learn from my own past experiences. But I do find the show somewhat motivating, so I occasionally watch it.

Anyone listen to podcasts? Do you have any good recommendations for ones I should check out?