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There was a 5K held this weekend called the Paczki Run. A Pazcki (pronounced, at least around here, as poonch-key) is a Polish donut typically eaten on or around Fat Tuesday. (I asked my sister who spent a year as an exchange student in Poland about this tradition and she had never heard of it. Apparently it is a Midwest thing.) Predictably, at the end of the Pazcki 5K, you got a donut. But at $35 a person, I just couldn’t justify the race. I joked that I would still run, and after I could procure a Paczki. My very own Paczki run.

I was still sore Saturday morning from Thursday’s training, but I just wanted to get the run out of the way so I wouldn’t end up pushing it off all weekend. I bundled up to run outside… only to find many of the sidewalks covered in ice. At first I thought I could work around it, but came to a few sections that were solid sheets of ice. Bummer!

I tried to work myself up to running on the treadmill at the gym, but I wasn’t feeling it. I was already dressed and outside! Ron suggested we walk to a nearby park, and I agreed. I didn’t think it would be clear, but at least I would have tried! Turns out, it was (mostly) clear or at least snow (not ice) covered. Commence 5 miles… in the small park. It is 0.4 miles around the park, not the most interesting way to pass 5 miles.

The first 2 ish miles were iffy. My legs were tight and sore. But I finally found a groove. It was still a bit of a mental struggle though! My muscle soreness never really bothered me either.

And after… I had no real desire to waste all that work with a Pazcki. Instead, I made lunch. Then it was off to do some treadmill walking for the dog and a lazy Saturday night!

Anyone do anything fun over the weekend? Get any good workouts in?