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After ignoring the fact that I’ve been paying for a trainer I haven’t been using (oops) and rescheduling a few appointments, it was finally time to head back to the gym for a torture training session.  It has been just above freezing temps the last few days which means most of the snow has melted off the sidewalks and I am not quite freezing all the time anymore.  Who knew that 35 degrees could feel so balmy?  Anyway, we’re supposed to get the edge of this massive snowstorm Nemo heading for the northeast.  We’re not predicted to get hit too badly, but it means that tomorrow the sidewalks will be covered again.  Ah, winter in Michigan.

So what I really wanted to do tonight, if I was going to exercise, was go for a run outside.  I’d even get a little bit of sunshine!  But I sucked it up and headed for the gym and my already scheduled training appointment.

I warmed up with 2 miles on the treadmill, which weren’t great but didn’t suck as much as my lunch run a few days ago.  Luckily Ron went and talked to the trainer while I was finishing my run so I got to avoid that whole awkward, “where have you been?” conversation.

The gym was really crowded, so the trainer had us do a circuit up front with some weights and some body weight exercises.  The first time through the circuit, I was feeling alright.  Definitely working hard, but just pushing through.  The second to last exercise took a lot out of me though.  It was an exercise that had you slamming ropes that were tied to a tire maybe 100 feet away?  While squatting.  It doesn’t seem hard, but it is.  So when the trainer told us we were going to start the circuit again, I just didn’t have much more to give.  I tried, but I just felt completely depleted and a tad dizzy.  I sat down for maybe a minute, then tried again.  Still feeling depleted and dizzy.  I was done.  I know there wasn’t much time left in our session, so I’m a bit disappointed in myself that I didn’t finish.  This was really the first time I can remember feeling like I just COULDN’T give anymore.  I’ve been tired, I’ve been sore, I’ve slowed down… but usually I can keep going.  Not tonight.

We got a bit of a lecture about eating before coming to the gym, but the truth is that I just don’t have time to make and eat dinner before going to the gym after work.  Not to mention that an intense workout is not going to sit well on a full stomach.  I did try to have a snack, but clearly I need something a bit more substantial!

Our next session is already scheduled for Wednesday.  I anticipate I won’t be able to use my arms for 3 days, which is just in time to break them down again.  Hopefully next time will be better and I’ll be able to finish.  In the meantime, I’m going to try to get a “long” run in this weekend.  Its all relative, so long for me right now is going to be between 4 and 5 miles.