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Yesterday, I went to the gym at lunch. I had things to do after work, but my lunch time was free to get a run in, so I headed to a branch of my gym near work.

Frankly, it sucked. My calves were really bothering me and despite listening to music, I was bored on the treadmill. The gym itself didn’t impress. The treadmills, for example, had lots of buttons and two fans… none of which worked. Which made it a very simple stop and go treadmill. Truthfully, I don’t need much more, though a pause button would have been nice to stretch my legs without restarting my workout. In addition, the whole place was kind of dark.

It took a little longer than I had expected and I was left wondering what to do for lunch. My original plan had been to grab a salad on the way back to my desk but that seemed like it would take too long. I settled on a recovery smoothie from the juice bar attached to the gym.

I’m just going to chalk this up to learning from my mistakes because that shake was not my best idea. I don’t have problems when I make them at home with food, but replacing lunch? I felt a little ill. I ended up grabbing a few snacks later in the day just to have some “real” food in my stomach, and that helped immensely.

Overall, although I need to learn to change faster, running at lunch was a good idea and something I would like to do more of. I just need to be sure I have a lunch with me at work!