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Early last week, on a whim, I invited my sister to come visit me for the Superbowl. We could also, I told her, run a local 5K on Sunday morning, the Super 5K. She agreed and we quickly registered.

I’ve been quiet on here lately. That is because I have done pretty much no physical activity in January. In the month of New Year’s resolutions when I perpetually resolve to finally lose the weight, I laced up my running shoes once, I believe.

I didn’t really know what Sunday would bring. But I knew I’d be able to finish a 5K, one way or another. Luckily, the race started at 9, so I didn’t have to wake up super early. Unluckily, the temperature was hovering just barely above single digits. I’ve got to hand it to The race organizers though, they picked a location with plenty of indoor space to keep warm!


Very quickly after I started running, my core warmed up. I had three layers on top and two on bottom. But my face was still freezing! I’m not sure it ever warmed up, even after I shed the jacket and gloves along the way.

My calves were not too happy with me, but I pushed through. I ended up with a 33:30 and no walking. Success!

In addition to the hat we got for registering (in lieu of a shirt), we were given pint glasses to enjoy at the big game later!


There was also plenty of junk food available at the finish. Glad I ran this race again this year! And now that I have gone on a few runs, I know it is time to get serious about training for my spring races!