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The Running Gods gave to me:

Rock Encore

Rock Encore

Rock Encore.  Is it cheating to use this as my 12th medal?  I earned it not from a race, but because I ran two Rock and Roll events within one year (Chicago and Philadelphia).  But I think it is fitting to wrap up my 12 days of medals too, because it allows me to reflect on my running in 2012 and look ahead to my running in 2013.

Overall, I’m really happy with how 2012 turned out.  It has been my most consistent year of running yet.  And while I didn’t reach all of my goals (losing more weight, running a sub 5-hr marathon), I didn’t give up and reached the big one – finishing the Chicago Marathon.  It has left me in a really good place going into 2013.  Last weekend, I busted out a 6 mile run like it was NBD, all at a sub-11 min/mile pace, which for me is quite speedy.

I was so impressed with myself during the Chicago Marathon.  I didn’t run the whole thing, but I ran more than I thought I could.  I want to be that runner again.  And hopefully I can be that runner in training so my next race is even better.

I did a LOT of traveling this year.  And I ran a lot of races with my sister, which has been a good experience.  We saw each other more this year than we would otherwise would have!  And while I enjoyed getting to travel SO MUCH, it also got to be a bit exhausting (and expensive) when we seemed to be away from home all the time.

So what about 2013?  I started some ideas here.  Drop some weight is staying at the top of my list.  It needs to happen.  No more excuses.  Getting a shiny new PR at the Half Marathon is going to be #2 on my list.  (Current PR is 2:16:xx set WAY back in 2006) I think I can make it happen, and I am ready to do some speed work to get there.  The 6 mile run I mentioned earlier was a huge confidence boost that I think I needed to commit to this goal.  While my pace wasn’t quite at my PR pace, the pace I was running also felt easy to me.  So I think with some hard work I can get myself up to a PR pace.  I’m still going to keep racing, though I’m going to try to find some a tad closer to home.  There will still be some traveling, and the register button in new and interesting places is SO tempting.  But I am sure I’ll be able to find some fun races in Michigan and Ohio.  There may or may not be a fall marathon.  I’m not ready to commit, but I’ve got my eyes on one.  I decided against a spring race to give me time to focus on strength training and weight loss.

So that is it!  Thanks for coming along on my 12 Days of Medals.  I’ve enjoyed sharing my past year with you and looking forward to sharing my training in the weeks and months ahead!