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I have wanted to run the Nike Women’s Marathon (in San Francisco) for some time.  Of course, I was never really in any shape to run a marathon through the hills of San Francisco.  So it was on my “maybe someday” list.

Then Nike announced they were bringing the series to DC.  DC is a little easier for me to get to than San Francisco so I knew I was going to have to apply!  Plus, I ran the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile last year and had a really good time visiting our nation’s capital.

Lottery registration closed last Friday, 12/6.  E-mails started going out on Monday, 12/10.  I didn’t hear anything and my credit card wasn’t charged.  I assumed that this race wasn’t in the cards for 2013.  I started thinking about entering the lottery for the Cherry Blossom again.

And then, today I got a confirmation e-mail.  Looks like I was in after all!  So here’s my first confirmed goal/race for 2013.  The Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC.

I’m also a little excited because with the time until race day and my current running fitness (such that it is), I’m wondering if I can shoot for a PR?