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Ah, beware the internet.  But let me back up.

I recently joined a new gym – an LA Fitness.  I’d previously been a member of a community gym, but this place is closer to where I live – and therefore easier for early morning gym sessions.  For signing up, I got a free personal training session, so I scheduled it for this morning.

I was a bit nervous about it.  I’ve never had a personal trainer before and I have heard some stories that did not inspire confidence.  Like one who asked my sister how far a marathon is.  I’m sorry, but if you work in the fitness industry, shouldn’t you know this?  It is, after all, a pretty popular fitness activity.  I know there are A LOT of fitness type activities and running isn’t everyone’s cup of tea… but it is very popular.  The Chicago Marathon, for example, had close to 40,000 finishers.

Anyway.  We had our session today with Matt, who I guess is in charge of the personal trainers at this particular gym.  I agreed with most of what he said based on what I’ve read in other fitness books and magazines (Oxygen, New Rules of Lifting for Women, The Female Body Breakthrough which I am reading now).  The only thing I was skeptical about was his “fat burning cardio” zone, but whatever.  I can take the opportunity to run some miles if you really want me to do this.

The training itself I really liked.  It was a circuit type workout, 45 seconds of things like pushups, kettle ball swings, running with a weighted ball held over your head, with 45 seconds of rest.  It wasn’t endless repetitions of light weights.  Again, from the things I’ve read and researched, I felt this would be effective in the long run to help me reach my goals.

So I was feeling pretty confident about this whole personal training thing based on what I saw today and we signed up for a year (1 session a week).  He was upfront about telling us about LA Fitness’s strange “pay off 50% of the contract” thing if you want to cancel.  But I figured, if it gets me to commit for a year, then why not…

Well, enter the internet.  I decided to Google “Personal Training LA Fitness Review” and the results were in no way encouraging.  Some of the complaints were about the cancellation thing I mentioned above, but like I said, he was up front about that.  Others were just about the quality of trainers, and those were mostly from a bodybuilding forum.  We won’t be training with Matt… So I’m hoping the rest of his trainers are not terrible! (as the internet suggest they might be).  I am guessing that I will have to be proactive with asking for a new trainer if I don’t like what one is doing.

I guess we will just have to see what happens because I’m locked in for a year now!