So what has my fitness journey entailed thus far?

Well, I can tell you it has involved running. A whole lot of running. Not very far and not very fast, but there’s been a lot of it.

When I used to have to run the mile in high school, I couldn’t finish without walking. But running burns the most calories, “right”? So I kept trying to run.

Probably sometime in college I built up my stamina to where I could run 30 minutes at a time. On the treadmill. I’d cover about 3 miles and thought I was hot shit. I imagined I could probably win a 5K by running 3ish miles in about 30 minutes. Ha!

In college, I met a boy. The boy had lost a bunch of weight through a lot of hard work. He ran to, but mostly to get from his apartment to the gym and back again. In the gym he was all about the weights. But we started to run together. We would run through the streets of Oakland, a neighborhood in Pittsburgh where we both lived and were going to school, and talk about the future. Sometimes we went to the gym. Sometimes we biked.

My senior year, I got a job offer that would require me to move out of state. The boy proposed, and I moved us to Louisville, KY. I probably took a break from that running business as I adjusted to the working world.

In Louisville, there is a series of races in what they call the “Triple Crown of Running”. It consists of a 5K, a 10K and a 10 Miler, each about 2-3 weeks apart. A few weeks after these races and one week before the Kentucky Derby, is the Kentucky Derby Marathon and miniMarathon. It turns out my work sponsored these races and I could get free entry. A coworker challenged me and the rest of my team to run them. I accepted, but was terrified of the distance.

The boy and I worked all winter to build up our endurance and successfully completed all four races, having run only one 5K prior (the Race for the Cure). We continued running a bit through the summer, but then wedding stuff took over and we took a break.

This pattern has continued pretty much since then. I run for a few months, maybe even go to the gym and lift some weights. Or I’ll bike. Or I’ll try to swim. And then I’ll quit for another few months. (Oh, and eventually we moved to Michigan, where we live now)

Where does that leave me? Overweight and frustrated. Tired of starting over. Tired of not following through.

Which brings me to the past year. In November of 2011, I went to Chicago for a long weekend vacation. Yet again, I was trying to start running and losing weight. I had so much fun running through the streets of Chicago. And that weekend, I promised myself that the next year I would run the Chicago Marathon.

2012 has been my most consistent year of running and for that I am proud. Spoiler alert (I’ll tell you more about it soon) I did finish the Chicago Marathon and I had a blast. I’m excited to build on my successes in 2013. But, to be honest, I didn’t lose any weight marathon training and I really need to. So gym visits and weight lifting are going to have to become a much more consistent part of my routine.

So that is my fitness journey so far, as brief as I could make it. Because I’ve been thinking about it lately, I’ll outline some tentative plans for 2013 next!