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Is it too early to talk about my goals for 2013?  December isn’t even half over.  But since we’re just getting to know each other and because I have been thinking about it lately, I thought I’d share my thoughts.   I took some much-needed time off after the marathon and am just getting back into regularly running and gym-going and so I’m thinking about where I want to go from here.  I’m not going to call these resolutions because who knows what the New Year will bring?

  • Drop some weight.  I know I said this was about getting fit, but part of getting fit is being at a good weight.  I’m not sure what that is yet, but it’s not where I am now.
  • Complete the New Rules of Lifting for Women strength training program.  This is part of my plan to accomplish #1.
  • Keep running.  I inevitably lost some running fitness after the marathon.  That is fine and expected.  But I haven’t lost it all and for that I’m ecstatic.  You have no idea how happy it makes me to start building up from where I am now instead of from 0.

    Running Shoes Old and New

    Running Shoes Old and New

  • Get faster.  I think dropping weight will help.  So will speed work.  I need to do it.
  • Run some races.  TBD on when and where though I have some ideas (but no commitments).

    Chicago Marathon Medal

    Chicago Marathon Medal

  • Stop eating out.  At least as much as I was.  One of my Achilles’s heals.  I’m participating in The Fitnessista’s December Dine-In Challenge.  Today is the first day in December I ate out – for a lunch with work friends.  I have a few more work lunches this month (one tomorrow!), but I’m trying to eat at home as much as possible.  I hope this trend continues to the New Year as well!

    Quick photo of this morning's breakfast - Oats and a Pumpkin Smoothie

    Quick photo of this morning’s breakfast – Oats and a Pumpkin Smoothie

So those are some of my very broad goals for 2013!